25+ Police Interview Questions and Answers 2021

Police Interview Questions and Answers

Police Interview Questions and Answers: “With great power comes great responsibility”-the popular Spider-man proverb rightly said so. The role of a policeman fits ideal with this saying. The journey towards gaining the position of this respectable job role not only requires intelligence but a unique set of reasoning and mindset. Interviewing for the post of a police officer requires preparation to faces the question with confidence and the least amount of hesitation.

To help and guide you better to get selected, bringing to you some of the most commonly asked questions, along with answers in a law-enforced interview.

Why do you want to be a police officer?

One of the frequently asked questions that you can face in an interview for the post of a police officer is why you want to be in that role. Remember that the interviewer is keener to learn about your journey, so avoid beating things around the bush. Frame your answer in such a way that it reflects your confidence and narrates the journey that leads and inspired you to become a police officer.

Tell us about yourself

The first thing is to not directly jump into your work history and say things like “I did my graduation/post-graduation in Chemistry”, try to incorporate your strengths when you answer this question and honestly answer how capable you can be; if you can site examples on the same it would be even better. Focus on things that throw a positive light on your personality.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Police Interview Questions and Answers: Always maintain decorum while answering the questions. Don’t try and drag things, adding humor or punch lines is a big no! Also, don’t directly narrate your retirement plans. Build an answer that illustrates your will to do better in the coming years. Put forward your commitment goals and ways you can contribute as well as benefit the people around you.

What is your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?

Merge your failures with your set of learnings, in other words, try to incorporate both failures and ways such failures helped you to become the person you are today. Do not bluntly add events that left you disappointed or disheartened. Never say that “I regret this or that thing” doing so will lead your answer in a different direction which can give you a very low score in the interview.

What qualities make a good officer?

Start with acknowledging and stating the glorious history of the job role and ways police officers contributed to society. Emphasize what motivated you to work towards becoming a police officer. If you have a personal story to it, say it in a simple and short way. In the list of qualities, mention- integrity, love for the service, ability to learn new skills, no-compromise in learning, helping and compassionate attitude, good communication skills, alertness, cooperation, physical and mental fitness, and zero-compromise on work attitude. Police Interview Questions and Answers

How would you handle an officer committing a crime?

-The prime motive of this question is to understand the psyche of the person interviewing for the position. All you need to reflect on how important and unique the role of a police officer is, where the sense of morality surpasses everything. Draw focus on the fact that the right thing must be done irrespective of the position a person is, whether he/she is an officer, a crime is always a crime.

How long does someone have to report a crime?

There should be no delay to report a crime scene. The minute it is known report it immediately without any sense of fear. Of course, on some grounds, there are limitations under the eyes of the law, brief about them as well while saying your answer.

How do the police help the community?

Respond with confidence, sensible and positive attitude. Don’t try to overpower things by elaborating unnecessarily. Keep your answers short and crisp so that it doesn’t overlap your main points. Bring together the responsibilities of a police officer and how it helps a community to grow as a unit. Also, mention how a police officer maintains safety measures, patrolling, ensuring that the people are least troubled and no lives are lost. Police Interview Questions and Answers

What motivates you?

The ideal question where you can generate a massive impression if you deliver it right. Avoid giving a generic and blunt answer which allows the interviewer to learn very little about your character. Utilize the opportunity and state about the challenges that you overcame, the one tough course that you eventually score well or the job role that pushed your boundaries, and later you got to learn things that you would not have taken up otherwise.

Why do you think you’re the best candidate for the job?

-You would face this question in not just a police officer job role but every big or small-scale venture put forward this question to understand and learn about the candidate. It helps to instantly pick whether the person appearing for the interview is confident enough or too arrogant

What does a police officer do on a daily basis?

As the role of a police officer is not the easiest of all, try your best to highlight the various challenges that one faces while doing the job. Firstly, mention that ensuring public safety is the utmost important thing along with responses to emergencies. At times patrolling doesn’t take place on wheels, rather the officers have to continue inspection on foot. Present the other aspect like the study of the complaints and emergency information listed, identification of crimes and arrests, figuring and recording facts, enforcing laws related to vehicles, determining statute violations, etc. Don’t take too long to answer but at the same time don’t omit the crucial things that a police officer does on a daily basis.

What do police officers say when arresting someone?

There is no written rule that a police officer needs to say something while arresting a person. The police officer can choose to remain silent and proceed with the arrest. It is mostly advised to remain silent as in cases the word spoken by a police officer might go against in the court of law. You can state that the officer has the liberty to suggest or inform the arrested person that he/she can consult a lawyer who will be available in the questing round.

What challenges are you looking for in this position?

One of the popularly asked questions in a police interview, according to researches this question has been asked to every third candidate. The types of challenges that may be commonly faced are the chances of bribe, threat calls, intimidation; don’t forget to say clearly how prestigious and honorable it is to be a police officer. All such shortcomings seem to take a back seat when overcome with determination, making you a proud police officer.

Would you follow an order by a superior if you know it is against the regulations?

No, if the order placed by the superior is against the regulations or violates the law,

I, as a police officer, should not in any scenario abide by such an order. As a law enforcement officer, such a thing must also be reported to a superior officer or lodge a complaint as per the seriousness of the crime involved.

When were you most satisfied with your job?

Seize the opportunity to give the best answer to this question and share your interest, express your zest to achieve and do things better and prove your points in ways you can contribute to the police department. Always express your motive and how socially you can drive people for a better cause. We can start with by saying, “I can handle situations in the most critical conditions and give my best comfort to people in need which is extremely satisfactory, I love being a people’s person


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